Connecting dot to dot
Everything we carry.
Is our creativity and ideas.
We deliver formless service what we want to create our life.
We designing bags that what we need to carry ideas.
Koside bags can change your life.
Designed for everyday use.
again and again.
UX Design / Durability / Long Lasting Design / Well Match
Design by KOSIDE
For everyday use
Daily concept / Long lasting
[ K O S I D E ]
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  • E-mail p46660154@nate.com
  • CALL CENTER 070.8865.1533
  • MALL ORDER LICENSE 제 2014 - 부산남구 - 0078호 [사업자정보확인]
  • BUSINESS LICENSE 617-36-24624
  • ADDRESS 부산광역시 남구 수영로 325번길 11 마로니에타운 301호

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